Arhuaco Indigenous Woven Bag- Organic Wool


Arhuaco Indigenous Woven Bag- Organic Wool


Hand woven indigenous made Arhuaco bag.

The design on this bag holds cultural significance, the zig zag patterns are to represent masculine thought and intention.
Created using knowledge of natural plant dyes and weaving, that have been handed down for thousands of years in the Sierra Nevada by Arhuaco women.

No two bags are the same.
Each is handmade with the patterns having individual meanings and styles, that depend on the women artisans that make them. 

Help support the indigenous women’s foundation Wirakoku and their outstanding efforts to sustain native culture and social security for villages in the region, by purchasing your own piece of handmade Colombian artwork. 
A growing factory-made fakes industry, is making it hard for these women to compete in the Colombian market. 
So it’s so very important to support those who are still practicing their culture and working to keep this traditional art form alive. 

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