Tradtional Quechuan artisan- Chinchero, Peru

Tradtional Quechuan artisan- Chinchero, Peru

Meeting between Beyond Sustainable and Wirakoku- Santa Marta, Colombia

Meeting between Beyond Sustainable and Wirakoku- Santa Marta, Colombia


Our Mission is to endorse creators of change. We want to give back to those doing good in the world and create opportunities for people with a passion for social justice and environmental protection. Our avenue for doing so is by empowering women through sustainable enterprise and supporting stewards of their environment. 


Beyond Sustainable is weaving the threads of ethical supply chains from across the planet to give you access to a wide range of quality, goods from small scale sustainable entrepreneurs. We support women in business, value indigenous knowledge, employ under fair-trade condition and want to regenerate the environments we work in, going beyond simply sustaining them.

Our team

Networking with small scale artisans from Peru, Columbia, Thailand and Australia, we share a common vision and individual passion for our creations. We buy directly from the hands of makers, insuring a transparent supply chain for our supporters and consumers. 

what we do

  • Encourage women's sustainable enterprise, by networking with women artisan co-ops in three developing countries. Helping to support them, their families and the greater community; as the majority of these co-ops are involved in sustainable community development lead by the community's own matriarchs 
  • Fair trade conditions are of the uttermost importance to us and for the sustainable enterprises we support. Paying fair prices for products that allow artisans to live comfortably and working conditions that foster a safe environment for those employed there. 
  • Transparency of our supply chain means that impacts, both positive and negative, can be traced back directly from consumer to producer. Thus allowing for customers to make informed decisions about what they're supporting. 

How to get involved 

We are a social enterprise aimed at creating a sustainable future for humans and the environment alike, but we can't do it without your support!

  • Purchase from our online store, with every contribution you're supporting the continuation of not only Beyond Sustainable, but the wider communities and families we work with.
  • Donate to our 50% campaign and help support our mission.
  • Share our story on your social media, tell your friends about us and educate them about sustainable consumerism 

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